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What We Do for You

Our team of experienced practitioners works with you either independently or in a collaborative role,
guiding you towards greatness. We offer the following services:

• Technical Operations Strategies
• Product and Process Development
• Product Supply Infrastructure and Management
• Commercial Launch Planning and Support
• Operational Excellence and Business Process Management
• Risk Management for Operations and Supply
• Project and Program Management

Supporting Life Sciences from Strategy to Execution

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Reliable Execution to Manage Critical Processes Effectively

Successful development, launch, and sustainable supply depend upon bridging knowledge and skills across corporate functions. Groups as varied as process development, quality, manufacturing, materials sourcing, marketing, and finance must work together as teams. We work with your organization to design and manage critical processes the way work is actually performed - across traditional functional boundaries, and across the supply network.

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Commercial Launch
Operational Excellence

How We Add Value

It is not so much the quality of your strategies but rather your execution that ultimately generates value. The key is to ensure that operations stay tightly aligned with your business strategies, even as those strategies continue to evolve. We keep your team focused on managing and improving execution over time in areas that are crucial to the achievement of those strategies. We do this by brining the methodolgy, tools,templates and team and work with your team to enhance your ability to execute and enabling you to compete more quickly, which ultimately accelerates your revenue and profitability.

Strategies and Solutions - Clinical to Commercial Strategies and Solutions - Global Enterprise Transformation Strategies and Solutions - Scale & Transformation

Techniques to Improve Process Management, Execution, & Performance

For many advanced therapies, variability in operations and performance can hinder the ability to bring products to market. Biopharmaceutical firms face constraints in critical production capacity, skilled resources and financial capital, all of which can limit the company's ability to capitalize on commercial opportunities. 
Converge Consulting designs and implements the business processes, partnerships, and technology necessary to support your organization's rapid growth by standardizing work, transferring knowledge, harmonizing practices, and accelerating the ramp-up of new employees. These techniques also increase organizational flexibility and support a collaborative culture that allows your organization to scale.

Converge Services Overview